WIT Talmidim – The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53


How come modern Judaism disputes the application of Isaiah 53 to be a Messianic passage? Why do the Rabbis think that Isaiah 53 is about Israel and not about the Messiah? Did you know that Isaiah 53 is not a part of the Haftora readings during the yearly cycle of the Torah? Judaism of old and many early 19th and 20th century Rabbis believe that Isaiah was talking about a Messiah but still they do not believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. However, Aramaic commentaries of the Torah and the Prophets used in the Synagogues before the birth of Yeshua knew that this chapter was about the future messiah. Join me in the search for the truth about what the Old Rabbis believe this chapter was really in regards to.

Isaiah 53 is one of the most important prophecies in the Hebrew Bible for followers of Yeshua and has been the subject of countless debates between followers of Yeshua and those in the system of Judaism. Many of the debates have focused entirely around the identity of the suffering servant and whether or not this passage details the death and resurrection of this servant of YHWH.

In this series, we are going to take a different approach and will be looking at the passage from the aspects of honor and shame culture, justice and righteousness, patronage, and the concept of the "Leper Messiah". When we understand these underlying themes in Scripture, we will gain a much deeper understanding of the work of Messiah as prophesied in Isaiah's suffering servant song as well as how the passage also relates to the suffering of corporate Israel and our very own lives today.

Here is a breakdown of the parts of the series:

  • Part 1 - Honor and Shame in Scripture (3.5 hours)
  • Part 2 - Justice and Righteousness (3 hours)
  • Part 3 - Yeshua Our Patron (2 hours)
  • Part 4 - The Leper Messiah (3 hours)
  • Part 5 - Understanding Isaiah 53 (1 hour)

Honor and Shame in Scripture

Honor and Shame - Video 1

Honor and Shame - Video 2

Honor and Shame - Video 3

Honor and Shame - Video 4

Justice and Righteousness

Justice and Righteousness - Video 1

Justice and Righteousness - Video 2

Justice and Righteousness - Video 3

Yeshua Our Patron

Yeshua Our Patron - Video 1

Yeshua Our Patron - Video 2

The Leper Messiah

The Leper Messiah - Video 1

The Leper Messiah - Video 2

The Leper Messiah - Video 3

Understanding Isaiah 53

Understanding Isiah 53 - Single Video

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  1. Ryan, Thank you for all the hard work of study you’ve done to present this information. It’s been very helpful! During the week, I volunteer on a farm owned by a Jewish family and in working alongside, sometimes we get to talking about Torah. I try to be honorable about how I give response since they don’t usually “ask” my “opinion” but rather in our discussions they “argue” their case with not much room for me to speak. I want to be credible with the information I do present but second, and most important is that I want to be a good Berean, proving all things (with the few words I do get in) and pursuing the truth of our Messiah, able to stand and “give testimony and an answer for the hope within”. I’m I’m still learning so much in many areas- so again, very helpful! Can’t wait to watch the other videos on Isaiah 53 as well. Thanks Ryan, (and Rico for hosting him too!). All you guys are amazing.

  2. Shalom Ryan, I must say that was and amazing teaching thank you for taking the time to study and working hard to present it in a way that we could understand it. On one of the sections I believe you mentioned not destroying the relationship by the way the sin is committed. I believe you called it chagga, can provided the resource for it?

    HaShem Bless You and Keep You