1. Brother Rico, Can you help me understand the Biblical definition of “gentile”? I study with a Messianic Jewish rabbi in FLA. He refers to me as a gentile. I don’t consider myself a gentile b/c I’m in covenant with YHWH. Isn’t there a better label to call me, coming from the lips of a covenant Jew? Gentiles = heathens!
    DeVora Clark

  2. Rico,

    Shalom! & Blessings! To you and yours.

    I thank you for being so dedicated to this work, praise be to YAH. for he has strengthened you. On a personal note: I have fallen short in my prayers & studys, and I feel its effects severely in the spiritual battles. But what I’ve noticed is that when I’m doing what I should, and I hear your meassage In the Word of YAH, there is a direct personal relationship through YAHSHUA with you. Example, at Mark Harman’s in Bellview, Fl. …..well this is years ago, you came in and prior to going on stage hugged me and my family, but during the message was side tracked with some things that came to mind and asked if it had any meaning or importance to anyone.
    It did ! My wife and I both knew it did, but shamefully I did not stand up,or speak up. See that week prior my wife and I were on a trip coming back home listening to messages that we had on cd and discussing them. I’t was GREAT! Back to back RICO!! LOL
    Anyway remain Awesome in YHVH, don’t give in & never give up, and we should never ever compromise the TRUTHS!!
    What bonds us is love. The LOVE in the WORD. The WORD of YHVH. ………hope this was in some way encouraging for you, as you have been for us.

    Thanks for all your efforts, & we LOVE you brother, shalom!