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What is Perfection_ Definition of Sin_ Meaning of baptism_ Why YESHUA died for us_

Questions – YESHUA? Perfection? Sin? Baptism?

the temple and the bible

The Bible and The Temple

What is Kiddush for Shabbat_

What is the Kiddush for Shabbat?

Mark 7 and Purity

Mark 7 and Purity – Live from Mesa, AZ

What is Kiddush for Shabbat_ (1)

Temple, Sacred Space, & Hanukkah with Rico and Joe Aymond

Compromise Leads to Chaos

Compromise Leads to Chaos – Hanukkah

Rico at HFF - Extra - Torah Portion Va’Etchanan

Extra – Torah Portion Va’Etchanan – Rico at HFF


David and the Showbread


Remembering God in the Times of Oppression – Revive 2020


The Middle Wall of Division

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