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Pagan New Year

Pagan New Year

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I am Israel – Yerushalayim Version


Teaching on the Prodigal Son from Arad, Israel

Shalom This teaching is about the prophetic picture behind the parables of Yeshua and how they have to do with the restoration of the kingdom of Israel. Many of us have listen to this over and over from the pulpit but the prophetic implications are such that if our people Judah would listen they can …

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The Teaching on Mithras and Christianity

The Teaching on Mithras and Christianity

Shalom: This teaching about the deception of the Dogma of the Church system and how it has influence the mainstream religion. We all come from this background and Praise Yah that we are returning to the truth of the Torah and becoming spiritually clean by the truth of the Word and by the work of …

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Teaching at Tel-Dan, Israel

Teaching at Tel-Dan, Israel

Shalom: This is the main stop of the tour for the northern part of Israel. I begin here to point out how our forefathers transgress the Torah of YHVH and how this event in Tel-Dan is one of the reasons for the Dispersion. This stop on the tour is all about returning to our Father …

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Teaching at the Pool of Siloam

Teaching at the Pool of Siloam

Shalom This teaching is at the place where Yeshua healed the blind men and also the location for the gathering of the water’s of Salvation for the water ceremony for the days of Tabernacles. Is a very significant location that is being excavated in the last few years which shows the truth of the Scriptures …

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Hebrew Roots 101

Shalom: This video is a 1/2 hour program that I did for beginners in the Torah showing and teaching them how to study the Hebraic way. I cover some basic concepts of how to extract and what clues to look for when studying the scriptures. I pray that this teaching is a blessing to you …

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Aaronic Blessing chanted by Rico Cortes

Shalom Many people have being asking me about the Aaronic blessing, so below is a video with the Singing of the Blessing. May YHVH bless you and keep you. Rico Click Here to Download MP3 FREE [iframe 600 450] and below is the audio version on most of my teachings:

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