I am Israel – Yerushalayim Version


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7 thoughts on “I am Israel – Yerushalayim Version”

  1. Wow! That was powerful. I had no idea about the leaflets – talk about showing mercy and compassion even to those who wish you harm – such an example 🙂 If only America would turn back to YHWH’s ways and love Israel as much. May revival come soon to the USA. Even so, come quickly Messiah Y’shua.

  2. ***Heartstrings officially wrenched***

    I know I am grafted into Israel when I feel like I just watched clips of my family.

    Come quickly Lord Y’shua

  3. Thank you Victor,

    Once again sobered by what is happening to the land and the people of Israel and looking to the day when all will know HaShem YHWH..


    1. Very informing Pekka. Thank you for some extra clarity on these things.
      I love Israel too, the video troubled me in that it did not mention YHWH as it’s strength (as Israel is still involved in idolatry). Then, reading your response I was affirmed and informed too. The Tanach is about this very thing; the futility of chasing after other gods. I say let’s learn the lesson everyone. I think that Yah is bringing up prophets for this leap in our understanding.

  4. great video…and love Ofra Haza’s version of Yerushalayim Shel Zahav —One day! One day there will be peace when the Prince of Peace reigns and rules over all the world

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