Mark 7 – What’s the core issue? – Gospel Cycle 13

Mark 7 - What’s the core issue? - Gospel Cycle 13

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In this teaching Rico teaches about Mark 7, and the issues between the Pharisees and Yeshua in regards to what really defiles a person.

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Rico Cortes

7 thoughts on “Mark 7 – What’s the core issue? – Gospel Cycle 13”

  1. Shalom maestro Rico! You have been a blessing to my life. Awsome teaching! This teaching is an eye opener. Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom of God! May our Abba bless you and guard you! Hope to see you come to our Kehila in Houston Texas you have been a true blessing to many of us here. Thank you!

  2. this teaching was such a blessing. Took me a while to go thru, for I like to take notes to refer back to. Thank you so much for your dedication and sharing this.

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