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Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25

Isaiah 49:14 - 51:3

Ekev wt

This Parashah covers the blessings for obedience and the warning not to forget who the source of the blessings is. Once again the Creator teaches us to trust and believe in HIS promises. Praise Yah for his faithfulness and for keeping his word with his people Israel.

In my travels I encounter many believers from the denominational christian world that use the word Love without the commitment that it requires. They only love you when you agree with them or when they want something from you. The reason why that occurs is because we have lost the original meaning of the word Ahav (Love) from the covenant legal perspective.

Ahav was a legal term used by Kings, Princes and people that were LOYAL to the commitment that a Brit (Covenant) requires. I will do my best to share what the context of this word really means but not from a affectionate context but from a covenant legal term.

This page includes Torah Portions from multiple years covered by Wisdom in Torah. Each year we covered the Torah from a different perspective so you can explore each Parashah from a different perspective and focus.

  • 2010 Portions: Focus on Messianic connections in the Parashah
  • ANET Portions: Focus on the ancient Near Eastern cultural context of the Parashah
  • Mitzvot Portions: Focus on explaining and exploring the commandments found in the Parashah (in progress)
  • 2015 Portions: Revisiting the Parashah looking at the ancient cultural context more in depth with additional areas that have been researched
  • Brit Portions: Focus on connecting the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) to the Parashah

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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

32 thoughts on “Torah Portion Ekev Complete”

  1. When we recognize that love (Ahava) is Loyalty, we can quit worrying if Yeshua loves us, see we have emotional hurts, and those hurts block us from feeling affection, we think how can Yeshua have affectionate feelings toward me for all I’ve done. However, when we understand love as Loyalty, then we don’t have to grope in the dark to have some emotional experience with him. From the beginning YHvh is Devoted to all His Creation, and Yeshua could not commit to go though hell for us; based on some emotions, however, based on oath/vow loyalty to His FAther, His commitment or loyalty to the FAther for his mission, was the power that allowed him go go through al He did for us. It was HIs devotion to His creaton that held Him to the cross; not his emotions. I think the same was true for Moses, look at all the trouble they caused him, he was commited to the mission YHVH gave him.

  2. Shalom Rico, thank you so much for this week’s Torah portion. You touched on something I read earlier this year and when I did, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I thought, “We are doing this wrong” Deut. 8:10 clearly states that when we are full, THEN we bless the Lord for the good land He has given us. We do not ask Him to bless our food and water according to Exodus 23:25 lets us know we do not ask Adonai to bless our food, water because He already has and He already has healed us from sickness, I do not need any more proof.

    Also, I do not know who blows the shofar at the beginning of your Torah studies but every time I hear, there is a strong Presence of the Holy Spirit that goes all through me. This happens every time I hear it. I have heard Shofar blowers before but nothing like this before!

    Thank you and Shalom

  3. Rico, thank you again for another wonderful teaching!

    HalleluYah! For Avraham avinu! A man who could be trusted with the Covenant.
    HalleluYah! For His Covenant! For He has made a way to become echad with Him!
    HalleluYah! For His Mercy! For the times I fail in my flesh.
    HalleluYah! For His Mashiach Y’suah! Who came and renewed the Covenant with the House of Israel!
    And allows all who are far off or near, to come into the Covenant, through the shed blood of Yeshua!
    HalleluYah! For The One who made The Covenant, because He Never Dies!!

  4. Shalom Rico, Thank you for visiting the UK and it was a pleasure to have met you. You mentioned imperial worship which blew me away which was part of your answer to the Brother’s question on head covering. When do you intend to teach on this subject?

  5. In addition to the over and misuse of word “love” is calling everyone, sister or brother; are christians our brothers in covenant terms? Just asking.

    Not every christian is gong to turn; why?? some are gov’t designed organizeions; did it in Nazi Germany.

    If we say that the spark of G-d lives in every man; then G-d does live in each of us; it means He puts on skin; that is such a good point about if the Brit is called Judaism; Thank you mam.

  6. Thank you, Brother Rico, for this teaching, for it reminds me that in a relationship with God, there are covenant conditions that we are committed to do if we truly love our God. We obey Him because we love Him:) In obedience to Him, I’ve started prayer meetings online every Friday on New.Livestream. I appreciate your prayer support:)
    DeVora Clark

  7. Rico,
    once again superb.

    I would like to weigh in on female Torah teachers. In the beginning of the movement some of us understood, that the Torah was a man’s manual, Chumash, “to be armed”. One reason is the covenant language is in the “directive” form. Males tend to be naturally directive, instructional in their communication and actions. Females it is said need to speak 15,000 words per day, yet proverbs warns against too many words.
    It can be very difficult to follow the female wordy communication and not get lost in all the words. On the other hand Queen Elizabeth the II, understood this and sought mentorship to learn how to understand and give a more male type of communication.

    The form from Sinai was Moses, the heads (males) of tribes, then again males and again males. In Softim, instructions for judges and kings, again the instructions are to males. There are no instructions for queens; there were no females spoken of a queen, except Jezebel and she was highly influenced by the nations (who had queens).

    When we the nation so broken down in marriage, males being sissyfied, growing numbers of Muslims (one man, 4 wives, tons of kids) it would be good for us to return to the original pattern and not to make some exceptions we see or were used to in “church system” the “norm”. Torah was given as a limitations on the human; who greatly creative can easily go astray.

    In order to return males to their rightful places as heads of households, it seems better for females to take a humble step back (talented and gifted as they may be) and let the men lead.

    There maybe places where men cannot go, female prisons, shelters for women; those areas; then by all means. Certainly with children in a Torah congregation. She should be under the direction of a male, covering.

    The highest calling for women is to be the supportive partner of their husbands, we need marriage to be revived more than anything; keeper of the home and the children. Don’t buy into the cultural lie women can have it all. Time with children is essential. Torah is not modern democracy. It is a covant given by a King,

    The object of chess is to put the King in checkmate, a method of doing so it to go after the queen. Today’s modern Christianity has woman out front on display, and it puts male leadership in checkmate. After female leadership came homosexual ordinations and on and on. There are plenty of places for women to serve, “older woman teach the younger”. Teaching Torah is living Torah where you are.

    When we see the sexual perversity in US, the right response is an opposing force, raise up the men.

    Writing books and articles, is an excellent method of women teaching Torah; they are not as exposed to the kinds of nasty tricks of those who choose to malign Torah teachers.

    Dogmatism won’t work for anyone; but US as a whole lost common sense and wisdom in the 60’s. How female teachers are used should have great wisdom, and for a specific purpose. I know an Orthodox women who taught Torah to youth for all her 80 years; very grey hair. I also recommend Torah teachers for bat mitzvah to be females for females and males for males. The line of gender have been too blurred in this country for way tooo long. Return to the ancient paths (methods).

  8. ok so i see the Parsha what about the Brit Chadasha? I don’t want to have to log in to find this. I just want to be able to go to your website and see it
    Torah Portion, Parsha, & Brit Chadasha

    thank you,

    Jan Deborah

  9. Shalom Rico! What kind of a membership do I have? I am trying to give a donation but will do it on PayPal.

    I would also appreciate a call from Yolanda

    Thank you and Shalom

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