Torah Portion Ki Tavo Complete


Parashah Ki Tavo
Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:9
Isaiah 60:1-22

This Parashah covers the instructions for first fruits offerings, the building of the altar on Mt. Ebal, and the blessings and curses ceremony.

This posting includes multiple years of Torah portions done by Wisdom in Torah. This includes:

  • The original 2010-2011 portions
  • The Ancient Near Eastern Text (ANET) portions
  • The 2013-2014 Torah Nugget
  • The 2014-2015 Torah Cycle
  • NEW - Brit Portion
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  • Downloads

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Due to Hurricane Irma impacting Florida on September 2017, Rico was not able to do this Brit portion.

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  1. Koran follows none of the customary legal land ownership practices of the region. All the gods/kings of the natons had sons (heirs) passing on the national covenant to the heir while Suzerain sill alive is everlasting life.

    allah has no sons (heirs) when he dies his “kingdom’ dies with him. He has no sons heirs as he has nothing to give.The followers have stayed in the status of mauraders, thieves and liars. It has nothing to offer.

  2. We do our best to bring first fruits, we spirituaize this like many other things (Grk) annot do any offerings when no Priesthood, Temple, Altar. We are now into giving generously when the need is expresses. We are to take care of our immediate famiy, extended, neighbor, wiows, orphans and fatherless, as best we can.

  3. Thanks so much Rico, Ryan and Daniel! I was laid out this weekend with a pancreatitis flare up so jut got to this today. Daniel, the rocks, sandals, garment stuff is blowing my mind! Thank you! This is forever changing my reading of so many scriptures!

  4. Ryan,
    Both my husband and I are listening to this Torah portion and it is really good. We are both enjoying it and want to thank you for your time put into this.
    Blessings to you and your family,
    Coogan and Cynthia

  5. I saw a film about the Saudi Kings, once a year, he throws a banquets for the citizens (clients) and they line up and come before him with their pet ion, could be start up money for a business, a house, whatever, and he’d grant their petition.