1. Shalom brother. Thanks for the teaching, enjoyed it and agree. Something I have pondered with the transfiguration is this; where, or more importantly, when, did this event take place? Please bear with me. This is only an opinion and not a new doctrine. God is outside of time, yes? I think so. In Revelations it mentions ‘ the lamb slaughtered before the foundations (or founding) of the world. Once the Father had determined that Yeshua would be a sacrifice, it is as if it had already taken place for all time. This is how those in the tanak before Yeshua’s birth, death, and resurrection could look forward to the ultimate sacrifice. His blood covers all sin, past, present and future. So if we can except that he is outside/in control of time, then consider this about the transfiguration. We are not told the names of the mountain they are on. Why? As you mentioned, they were in thick cloud, just as is the case with other meetings on Sinai. Moshe was on Sinai meeting with the Almighty. Elijah was on Sinai later in time meeting with the Almighty. I think that what the disciples may have been witnessing those events that already took place. Who’s to say that Moshe an Elijah saw each other? Maybe not. This may be too much for some, and I understand, just some musings. When I realized that He is outside of time, it opened my mind in ways that are hard to explain. What can say is this, whatever we think He is, He is MUCH more than that, blessed be His Name.