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Shalom ,

Here is last night's LIVE Round table Teaching.

The Royal Messenger. The Importance of The Royal Messenger in the Ancient near eastern culture and scriptures. Specially on this messenger being the one who proclaims freedom for the Great King.


This new series titled "The Royal Messenger...an Ancient Near Eastern Approach".

I pray that once we get thru the entire teaching, we will be able to understand clearer the Hierarchy to the Kingdom of YHWH, as well as the many roles of the Royal Messenger. I am absolutely certain this study can enable us to explain Yeshua our Messiah much better if we understand the context of the messenger in the eyes of the ancient people. I pray that this will bring clarity to Kingdom as we are drawing closer to Machiach's Return.


The Royal Messenger_An Ancient Near Eastern Approach_part1 Power-point PDF

Letters of the Great Kings of the Ancient Near East The Royal Correspondence of the Late Bronze Age Resource PDF


Shalom and welcome back to our series on understanding the roles of The Royal Messenger from an Ancient Near Eastern cultural understanding. In Part 2 we will focus solely on the Messengers/Vassal Kings having the authority to be intercessors on behalf of a person or entire people depending on the situation. The understanding of these various roles of the Royal Messenger only strengthens the foundation of who our Messiah Yeshua is. I pray that this will be a blessing.

Apotropaic_Intercession PDF By Marian Broida

The Royal Messenger_An Ancient Near Eastern Approach_Part2edited Power Point PDF



In our final video will be focusing on The Royal Messenger as the one who brings the Proclamation of Freedom as well as the Messenger being a Fore Runner for the King. I pray that this series has given us a better and more clear idea to the roles of Messiah.

Full Series Power Point is below.


  1. So grateful that you are doing these round-tables; what a blessing to us & so many… we appreciate all your hard work. Rico, I agree with you that the viewership may not be as high as we’d like to see at the moment. But, admittedly, on our part our schedule has to be tweeked a bit to be able to participate when y’all are “live”. I believe that once all of us “out here” get the word out & get into the groove with this new program being available -we will see that the Word is getting out. Again, thank you so much and I hope you all will continue to do these round tables. They are of great value & will bless people for years to come! Additionally, one final thought, please continue to promote the round table on all the social media pages, etc…. because not everyone is on there at once 🙂 If I hadn’t been on my google plus page the one day it showed up in the feed I could have entirely missed it! Thanks and Shalom :)))

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this teaching about The Royal Messenger! What a blessing!! Thank you to each one who participated in teaching about this! I am learning so much here! HalleluYah!!
    Shalom Shalom!

  3. I don’t know who is teaching the Levitical Priesthood is done away with. I know of a guy who’s teaching on the “Temple Scroll” which was found in the Qumran along with the Copper Scroll. The theory is, it is the original Devarium, which is destroyed at the top and some on right and left sides; but there is sufficient to id it to Devarium; and it has many detailed instructions in it. There is sufficient instructions to not need the “oral torah” as some Rabbi’s now teach. It is written in first person, where as current Devarium, has Yahovah speaking in 3rd person, there are items in Ezra and Nehemia that more match the Temple scroll from Qumran. He also gives a very lengthy teaching on MalkiZadok; which also may be in the theory state. What he has to say, may be more true; however, it is not proven out; and he says “it is theory”. So, people need to be careful in what they read; to read the whole thing in it’s context. Context is theory.

  4. Congratulations, your 3rd round and it keeps getting better. There’s alot for you all to contend with I am sure in terms of equipment; but everything gets better with practice.

    Ms. Tyler – great job of the use of actor or stepping into a role to show uIs not only important to say exactly what the King said as messenger, but also tone of voice. Ricco she can get away with the tone of voice as she was playing a role to give us illustration of what she meant – NOT because she was a female, any of the guys could have done the same thing; and would have been very appropriate.

    I appreciate what Matthew had to say about, “what and how things are said in a public forum is highly important”.

    I think the parables of Yeshua can tell us much about how the kingdom opperates.

    I appreciate not just that Daniel and Ryan come to make a correction; but how they do it. They simply say, “The Torah says.” Their tone of voice is pleasant, simply making a statement.

    A difficulty for us is that many of our Torah teachers who have been around teaching for 20 + years are few; and many of them did not study in yeshivas since their childhood. We are growning but in many ways we are “little children” in comparison. That’s why is it very good we have some who are experts like yourselves in specific areas, and many other generalists.

    I think the methods that Chabad uses are very excellant for how they colonize people. YOu know they think there are Jews in some place and they send out ones like Abraham and Sarah, married pairs to nurture and raise up people in the faith. While they also have internet; the most effective way is they go where the people are instead of wait in some church building waiting for people to drop in. They have a plan, and work it; they can reach a few in an area and build up families to be a small city.

    Don’t be discourage, you are doing really well. Truly, the Covenant and how the Kingdom functions is the backbone of the scriptures, I really feel it is the foundation of the house, the studs for the walls. It’s what holds everything else up – a joke is after every necessary item is built – then you can hang whatever calendar you want up wherever.


    • I think that Rico was referring to my smacking people about character issues and destroying the word – and like Paul, I am bold from a distance but very shy in person 😉

  5. What wonderful teaching! This was my first round table experience. Your teaching makes my soul sing! Thanks to each of the teachers!

  6. Who is calling us to worldwide sackclothe and ashes? Much preparation of prayer was needed long befoe Queen Esther called for prayer and fasting. It started with people.

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