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Deuteronomy 11:26 - 16:17

Isaiah 54:11 - 55:5

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This Parashah covers blessings for obedience, curses for disobedience, not worshiping YHVH the way the nations worship their gods, updated instruction for slaughter of altar animals, warning not to allow anybody to lead you into the worship of other gods, laws concerning kashrut, laws concerning the sh'mita year, and updated instructions for the Passover.

Treason in the kingdom is something that we as the kingdom of YHVH must address from it's legal context. The Book of Deuteronomy is known by scholars to be written in the formula of an Ancient Treaty Format. Chapter 13 is an important chapter in reference to the penalty of treason and it's penalty.what are the consequences of in Israel? How do these laws apply to us now? What are the legal penalties of someone who tells us to keep the observance of Easter, Christmas and Sunday as holy days? What about all those teachers that tell us the Torah is done away with? Is that Treason? We are to stand up for the honor of the King and his commandments with complete loyalty (LOVE) and not allow anyone anymore to profane the integrity of our heavenly father and of His son Yeshua our Messiah and Master.

Lastly, we will also focus on the Temple aspect of this Torah Portion and connect the importance of separating the concept of Temple purity from the regular dinner table.

This posting includes multiple years of Torah portions done by Wisdom in Torah. This includes:

  • The original 2010-2011 portions
  • The Ancient Near Eastern Text (ANET) portions
  • The 2013-2014 Torah Nugget
  • The 2014-2015 Torah Cycle
  • Brit Portion
  • New - Torah Portion Reeh - Torah Nugget
  • This page includes Torah Portions from multiple years covered by Wisdom in Torah. Each year we covered the Torah from a different perspective so you can explore each Parashah from a different perspective and focus.

    • 2010 Portions: Focus on Messianic connections in the Parashah
    • ANET Portions: Focus on the ancient Near Eastern cultural context of the Parashah
    • Mitzvot Portions: Focus on explaining and exploring the commandments found in the Parashah (in progress)
    • 2015 Portions: Revisiting the Parashah looking at the ancient cultural context more in depth with additional areas that have been researched
    • Brit Portions: Focus on connecting the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) to the Parashah

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    The following is a list of recommended resources for this teaching:

    • The Purity Texts by Hannah Harrington

    Rico Cortes

    I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

    62 thoughts on “Torah Portion Reeh Complete”

    1. Hebrew Roots movement is very large worldwide. Are you saying you know the practices of everyone world wide? And is there a Pope? If we have ought against anyone group in the movement, we should go to them privately and clarify issues and try to resove differences. NOT airing them publicly, which causes harm. If in your famiy you had an erring one would you pubcize it to the world? or settle it with your own famiy?

    2. Gene and Cassie Conroy

      Rico, thank you so much – this issue has been on my heart for so long – to see things from our gracious King’s perspective – to behave in the ways that honor Him. Perhaps I’m “off base” but I’ve often thought that seeking to “know” all kinds of things but to NEGLECT the mandates of our King to tend to the needs of widows, fatherless, poor, etc….. it is to me like when our Creator placed to trees in the garden – one was the “tree of the knowledge of good & evil” – the other tree was the “tree of LIFE”. which tree are we eating from? are we seeking just to “know” a bunch of stuff or do we ACT on the mandates of our King Who has been gracious and merciful to us. ????

    3. Thank u so much for this teaching!! It confirmed much of what I have felt YAH wants me ta teach here! You are correct Rico, THIS, this is the most important teachin I have heard to date!! Thank again and may u be blessed beyond measure!

    4. Hello Rico,
      I’ve never commented but I want to say that I really appreciate your efforts to teach. I’d gone through many teachers over my 16 years of faith and had felt stuck because I’d read and read but I wasn’t growing. But … G-D! had mercy on me and now I have FOUR teachers that challenge me. I still need to learn how to do this by myself but I am so grateful that now I get answers instead of pastors or teachers getting angry with me OR saying that I’m too Jewish. ?! I agree with Devora and Rachel’s comments, those of us who say nothing are busy checking sources, re-reading the scripture, finding where there is correlation, and soaking it all in. Since I live in the most Jewish city of America I have to be able to explain from THEIR perspective. Your work helps me immensely in this! So … DUDE … HERMANO … unless the comment is valid, ignore the complainers. Okay? Aiight! And … love that HAT! I’m an INFIDEL, too!! LOL 🙂

    5. Yes, I agree the Hebrew movement across the world is similar to the “time of the judges”; where everyone did what was right in their eyes”; the tribes had the pattern of judges Moses commanded, however, there were border disputes, that is an ox of Judah may get out and cross border and gorge a sheep of Benajin; so there were no instructions for adjudicating what to do when one tribe violates another. The practice was they all come to Jerusalem on the 3 feasts and in unity.

      Why can’t we today? We have no unified idea of Messiah King, so we have no king, the best we can do is give honor to our congregational leaders; who may choose to do different than, 20 other congregations, and we have no one central place to meet. Is not enough for the Shabbat to be the unified place, it’s not; it’s a unified time (and there maybe some disputes of when that is) Honor your group leaders, do what they ask; and each group needs to speak well of others, and respect their difference for now; that doesn’t mean need to agree with them or shun them or speak ought; just means recognized for now; there is no Unification, it will happen when He returns and in the land.

    6. OMG!!! Ryan, this is an awesome teaching!! I learned so much from this!!! Todah Rabah!!!!!
      You and Rico stress the point to us about “context….context….context”!!!! How true is your teaching!!
      Blessings to you and your wonderful family!!!

    7. Shalom! I sooo much enjoyed this teaching ! on the one hand it convicted me – I dont willingly go along with christmas etc but my family requires me to do some things; so I know I will be asking to be released from my vows etc this yom kippur….
      on the other hand I was so much encouraged, to realise this is a true teaching. i examined the scriptures & this makes sense, I also checked it out by reading some of Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, chapter 6 “of the navigation of King Agrippa to Rome, to Tiberius Caesar; and how upon his being accused by his own Freed-man, he was bound; how also he was set at liberty by Gaius, after Tiberius’s death, and was made king of the tetrarchy of Philip.” …& chapter 7, “How Herod the tetrarch was banished”…. in these chapters Josephus was focusing merely on telling the story, but now that you have explained the context – with the need for loyalty to a king, etc – I understand much better what was going on! –also it occurs to me that Josephus’s writing here confirms what you are saying. If we didn’t have this understanding of the covenant, vassal king, loyalty etc in the ANE, it could appear that many of the actions & decisions of the rulers then were capricious. However with understanding of the covenant laws, vassal king relations, etc , now the actions of the rulers make more sense. 🙂

    8. If no temple, and no prieshood then no command tithes right for same reasons right? We are to be givers; we can

      This is smittah year; wonder how many pastors, ministers, will let us know hey no plowing, seeding, planting; there fore no tithing this year? Wonder how many?

    9. Shalom Brother Rico,
      This teaching has so much Revelation of God’s Word! I’ve started teaching and praying online Friday nights on New Livestream, and you said in the first video, the SAME message that I was led to teach by the Ruach, not having sat down with this Torah portion last night, but hearing the Word as confirmation today in your first video! WOW! The Shema – obedience – the Name – and how division in the Body is such a problem. I’ve been rebuked by a Hebraic roots pastor who looked at my Bible and said I had the WRONG VERSION b/c he said the rabbi who wrote my Bible version was not right. I’ve been lambasted on FB for teaching to SAY the NAME YHVH by Messianic rabbis. Christian pastors who look at me wearing a tichel and ask if I have cancer ))) LOL … Christian believers who ask me if I am trying to put them back under the Law by studying and teaching Torah. Oy vay! I too, long for the day when Yeshua returns, and I know that He comes for all of those who bow the knee and confess our Messiah Yeshua as Adonai. Thank you for your righteous heart in Christ Messiah. You encouraged me today,
      Devora Clark

    10. People are so…..special. Thank you Rico for the teachings and all the effort behind the the videos. We talked about this in Jerusalem in January…when you post videos, people will think what they want and believe what they want. The negative commenters are usually the loudest, most squeeky wheels. These people are a net drain. They may be part of the mishpachah, but lack intellectual discipline, kindness, humility and….a life. Those of us who are grateful and regularly tune in often are quiet. This is my first comment in 3 years! I’m grateful for your work…Thanks and remember, you’re making a difference in lives of maaaaany people who don’t say a thing on here 🙂

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