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Shalom Kulam: This Teaching is an intensive study on the Laws of Adoption and the Ancient near East in light of the Scriptures. I pray that you will get an better understanding of one of the main issues that is dividing the Hebrew Roots movement right now. Identity, is the main concern of every Hebrew roots person once they come out of Christianity and finding our place in the kingdom is become a topic of controversy and division with our congregations and organizations. Are we Israel, Gentile, Jews, that is the core of the issue,  I will present to you how Paul utilize legal terms used during the Ancient Near East and biblical language that uses the formulas of legal adoption. The formula is all over the scriptures but we have not being aware of these keys until the late 1800's in which the Nuzi Tablets, Amarna Text, Hittite Legal Codes alone with the Laws of Hammurabi were found. The discovery of these ancient documents gives us a greater understanding of the Political, Social, Religious world during the times of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I pray that this study will challenge you and answers questions that we've had for years. As for me this perspective is really helped me know where I stand with Messiah, The Torah, And My King YHVH our heavenly Father.

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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

44 thoughts on “The Laws of Adoption in the Bible & The Ancient Near East”

  1. I so appreciate this teaching Rico! It really helps to make sense of concepts in the Holy Scriptures. I’m still trying to soak it all in as it is very deep!

    I was unable to open these two links [the other two opened just fine] if you can help me out that would be great 🙂

    A Ugaritic Parallel to the Adoption of Ephraim and Manasseh

    Todah Rabah and thank you for all these great and deep teachings!

  2. Oh my goodness, halfway through teaching #5 and I finally understand a dream I had many years ago. I was with a great many people in a mental hospital, and the nurses and doctors were all barricaded at the center. One of them was very upset and said to me, “Well, I think a person should be able to decide who their brothers are sisters are!” I replied, “I assure you, that as adoptive parents, if Mark and I decide to adopt again, our children have no say whatsoever in who we adopt.” I got the gist of it, but what you just taught really gives me the full interpretation, thank you! It means so much more than I thought it did.

  3. When we see the word will; we need to understand as King with a Kingdom, His Covenants are His will – His testament is how Yeshua walked out covenants. So, we’ve all gone to seminars, read books on how to find G-d’s will for you life – well He spoke and wrote down His will on Mt. Sinai.

    The Northern Tribes violated the covenant, he speaks to this you were dead in your trespasses, good news is all those violations were nailed to the cross (the law of sin and death) not the Covenat laws; so you’ve received Pardon of the King Yeshua and are free to re enter the Kingdom and walk out My covenants as Yeshua gave the correct oral teaching as found in Brit Chadsasha. Like being re patriated.

  4. Question: This Spirit of G-d…is it like pentecostals? invisable to others so you have to make up some manifestation? or is the Spirlt, the Breathe, the Very Covenant word of G0d which is evidenced by Keeping Shabbat, Festivals, Kosher? as well as excellant character of G-d; no slander, think on these things, integrity of the Torah. ??

  5. When some Jews came to Yeshua they boasted of their ancestory, He replied He could turn stones in to Sons of Abraham. Hmmmmm? YHVH Yeshua formed Adom from the ground/earth/stone.

    Of the 613 laws, some were for Kings; if you are a King keep the law of Kings, some were for men if you male; keep laws for males, some for females; there wasn’t anyone person who was supposed to keep all 613.
    Much of church doctrine was result of European Kings laws; brought over by Europeans.

    You are correct about minorities being US citizens; they don’t have same rights they demand higher rites as defined by them and their politicians.

    We are all created equal; is not correct the correct original gove’t statement all created equal under the law. That’s why those who don’t/won’t work demand a house, a car, a cell phone, free healthcare we are all to be equal; equally poor enslaved so on.

  6. Blessed be Our Rock!!!

    Way too much Ricco. RE Ez 47 perhaps an alien who stays in your midst means there is some citizen(s) who are like the alien sponsor (In US it used to be to enter legally you had to have a sponsor here; someone to live with to you get settled, help with language, customs till you get on your own feet). The alien would be ‘like a son” to the sponsor?

    So to some degree an alien chooses his tribe; but more like the citizen tribe chooses the alien.

    To be adopted by Joseph means He is the son of man (David) ; to be adopted by Elohim; means He is son of G-d.

  7. WOW – Ok so the Creator made heaven and earth; why? to give as a nader??? if He breaks His oath (He must be in possession of the nader) He’d loose heaven and earth????? Is this correct???

    And also in addition to vow (something you take upon yourself) to do – swears by His Name (character and essence) ????? Wow He has this all sewn up Yes???

    Most governesses, don’t they periodically update laws; for instance a city has a law if you spit on sidewalk you go to jail. they change the law if you spit on sidewalk you pay a fine; at some time the remove the law altogether (it’s way too old and archaic)

    So did Israel/Jews periodically update at least civil laws and how was it done? where does YHVH allow them to do so???

    Is that where some people get the idea to teach children to swim you throw them in the water???

  8. So the issue with renaming. My husband and sons already had biblical names, and I did not. So, when we became believers (before my sons were born) would just I be given a new name, or my husband too? And since my children were born (and adopted actually) to us after we were believers (but not living by Torah) would name changes be important? I should probably wait until after I have watched them all to ask, but I am just finishing #2 and didn’t want to forget. If you cover that later, you can disregard the question 🙂 I had a dream where I was given the name Elizabeth, so this actually makes sense now, since it is an english version of a Hebrew name.

  9. Thank you Bro. Rico. Now I have better understanding of the Laws of Adoptions. You are doing an awesome job. Love your teaching every week. Keep doing what the Father has put in heart to teach so we all can grow in the knowledge of our Father. Thank you, for all the time and hours you put in. To teach us the truth of the Father heart. Be Bless.

  10. Hola Rico,

    What a pleasure to FINALLY have light shed on this topic- Thank you so much for your obediance to the King. I pray that He will continue to fill you with His wisdom.

    Abundant Blessings,

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